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(Guy Thomas)  2015

Sometimes the conversations
Break into pieces
And dive bomb in distant moans
Sometimes I don't know when to stop
I don't know where to go
Until I slip off the edge
Of those same   
Worn out steppin' stones
I wanted you so bad
I went insane
And when I saw your face 
Already I could feel the chains again

You can't keep me hanging 
On the line this time
I've been lost in this endless need
To be needed by you all the time
All the time

Just look at what happened
What I did to myself
I didn't hesitate, no
And my decision 
Was tunnel vision
A recognition
That I couldn't shake free
From me 
Head down and cover blown
Made a promise to God
But I got smashed
Just like glass under the weight
Of a wrecking ball  

You've always been so preciously
The death of me
An endless need
Whenever you get next to me
It's hard to breathe

It's got to stop now
Right now
Been lost in this endless need
I used to feel so alive
With you by my side

Just hold on a minute
Hold on a minute
Hold on a minute