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(Guy Thomas)  1979

Baxter's challenge had sent me
Over the wall
To find the tallest man
The said redeemer
Seeing into and out of eyes of ice and stone
And when you're on your own
It's as always
One guitar, strings in tune
Shelly's moon is out tonight
Out tonight, out tonight

Pacing the floor with more that half a chance
Looking for a romance
Without a catch
Fixing the patchwork 
The last jerk left with you
And you're wondering what you can do
With all of the pieces
And as the last sip trickles 
Down the edge of your mouth
Did you quit too soon
Reading their lips in darkness
With no one at your side
Just like Shelly's moon

The nectar of life 
Is the love we have as friends
And trying to make amends
With you I find
The searching of the soul 
Holds no place to rest
A stoplight at best 
As the road unwinds
Did you believe me when I said
I've got nothing to hide 
Hiding in me
Counting the cracks in the bleachers
And the lakes on the land
We can be free
Counting the cracks in the bleachers 
And the lakes on the land

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