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(Guy Thomas)  2019

How do I leave this night
Feeling like I feel
Living  a dreamer’s life
Where nothing at all is real
And all the scars we show
They take so long to heal 
And how can love begin to grow
When your heart has turned to steel

And I keep callin' your name
 I’ll keep playin' the game
All the while I’m thinkin' it's a shame
To see the hurt our lies can do

And if leave you now
Thinkin’ how it’s gonna be
I might find my way somehow
But in reality
The whole thing starts again
With a different name and face 
Beginning with the same intent 
And then making the same mistakes

And I keep callin' your name
I'll keep playin' the game
And I'll keep thinkin' it's a shame
To see the hurt that the truth can do
To me and you