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(Guy Thomas)  2017

Somewhere down the road before it gets too late
Gonna settle once and for all if he was a fake
Was he just a little crazy
Maybe looking for a little fame
Or a hero on the run
Who had to take the blame for something 
Take the blame for nothing
Was he on to something
Or was it all for nothing

Drag out the static from the attic
For the evening news  (oh yeah)
It seems now that a bail out 
Is the only way out of these woods

Little miss muffet sat on her tuffet
Eating her curds and whey
When along came a spider, sat down beside her
And frightened her away

Hey man what you doing
Did you have to fan the flame
Now she just rolls her eyes
Everytime I say your name
So many people out there
That wanna lock you away
Cause it seems their dreams and yours 

Took a detour on the way to something
On the way to nothin'
Was he on to somethin'
Was it all for nothin'
The day they told me that Santa wasn't real
And that Superman wasn't really made of steel
Well the world had lost its sheen
But it's really no big deal
Cause I'm not the only who's a victim
To the fear of nothin'
So afraid of nothing
You got to pray to something
When you're so afraid of nothin'