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(Guy Thomas)  2018   

What can you tell me?
That I don’t already know
It all started happening
So very long ago 
It seems infatuation  
Always gets the best of me
And the fall out that follows
Gets the rest of me

She was unforgiving
In her eyes I saw everything
But thankfully the waitress
Had interrupted my reverie
And that gave me a moment
To try to collect my thoughts
Cause i don't think that I can afford
How much this night will cost  

Cause this unfinished business
Is so hard to unwind
This unfinished business
Of hers and mine 

It’s just how I pictured it
In the early evening hues
As she walked down the hallway
And then she slipped off her shoes

Then she showed me
Her ball and chain
And slowly recalled the pain
And a tear came to my eye
Cause there was nothin' more to explain

Cause this unfinished business
Is so hard to unwind
This unfinished business
Hers and mine

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