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(Guy Thomas)  2018

Don’t keep me waiting 

This moment is right

The sunlight is fading

And we’ve got the whole night

My love for you is like a freight train

Rolling down the track

Even Superman can’t

Hold this feeling back 

And right now my intentions
Might be bad at best
But you already gave me a little
And now I could use the rest 

For so long I’ve prayed to

Some power unknown  

To send your love my way to

Keep me from being alone 

I never once imagined

In my wildest dreams

Makin’ love would be as

Easy as it seems

It’s like I walked through the desert

Year after year 

Lookin’ for an oasis

And now you’re here 

I can’t say that 
I really know for sure
But from what I feel now
I think I still need a little more

I could count my blessings

And we could call it a day

But baby that’s just half of the story

There’s still so much left to say

But now is not the time for

Trying to understand

I’m so glad that you’re my lover

Cause I just wanna be your man