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 (Guy Thomas) 2019


They say there's something wrong with me
I’m living in a dream
All because I want to share the sun 
With everyone I see

Sometimes when I’m on my own 
I forget how to have fun
Lookin' for a little forty percent
On the internet I run 
I can’t get it through my head
That I'm not helping anyone
Oh,  I've been spending too much time
In the shadows of my mind

I was sure there wasn't more to life than just a game
And I couldn’t find the rhythm 
You can’t win ‘em all they say 
All this useless information
Is just driving me insane
Oh, maybe I’m focused way too much
On what went wrong
And it’s time to carry on


I am not my mind
But my mind tells me what to do
But sometimes I would much rather
Be listening to you
I feel better when I know that
You feel better too
And so it’s time to positively
Make a change or two

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