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 (Guy Thomas)

They say there's something wrong with me
I'm living in a dream
All because I want to
Share the sun with everyone I see

I was feeling like I really
Didn't know what to do
I lost my inspiration
And my connection with you
I can't get it through my head
There's only one thing that's true
What am I waiting for this time
I better make up my mind

When you pour the sugar on
It always tastes so sweet

And if you ran a candy store
You'd have to buy some extra seats
So why don't you just let it go
And get a good night's sleep
Oh, maybe we're focused way too much
On what went wrong
And it’s time to carry on


I am in my mind so much
And there isn't much that's new
Sometimes I'd be better off
Just listening to you
I feel better when I know that
You feel better too
And so it’s time to positively
Make a change or two

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