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 (Guy Thomas)
They say there's something wrong with me
I'm living in a dream
All because I want to
Share the sun with everyone I see

I was feeling like I really
Didn't know what to do
I lost my inspiration
And my connection with you
I can't get it through my head
There's only one thing that's true
What am I waiting for this time
I better make up my mind

When you pour the sugar on
It always tastes so sweet

And if you ran a candy store
You'd have to buy some extra seats
So why don't you just let it go
And tell me what you need
Oh, maybe we're focused way too much
On what went wrong
And it’s time to carry on


I am in my mind so much
And there isn't much that's new
Sometimes I'd be better off
Just listening to you
I feel better when I know that
You feel better too
And so it’s time to positively
Make a change or two

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