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(G.Thomas) 2020

Tim’s out at a wrestling match tonight
And Kate’s prom dress fits her much too tight
I lined the bird cage with yesterday’s news
Me and the missus are gonna kick off our shoes

She likes Kojak, I like Dick Van Dyke

It’s a duraflame and electric blanket night
And tomorrow’s our family Sunday dinner on me
At 6 o’clock we all climb into my Ford L.T.D.
And I think tonight….
I feel Chinese tonight
Egg foo young

We’ll have the special please

2 cokes, a coffee, a glass of milk and a cup of tea
We’ll have the special please
Oh Lord you’ve made me so happy

Debbie gets her braces off today

And our 25th anniversary’s in May
Mother’s so busy
There’s always so many to do
But her coffee and cigarettes will pull her through

Next summer we’ll vacation in the keys

Just lie around in the sun and do whatever we please
And I'm gonna give the kids the things I never had
And be there for them when they're happy or sad
Cause someday soon
They're gonna grow up too
Oh yeah well, we’ll have the special please
Two girls, a boy, and a house of bricks
And a pekingese
We’ll have the special please
Oh Lord you made me so happy…

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