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(G Thomas)  2023

We laughed and played a game
I gave her a funny nickname
She’s my dream come true

She wants to meet Dave Grohl
We bought some fish for her fishbowl
I think I’ll get one too

I feel like I hear the lines
Of rhymin’ Simon singin’
That she loves me, loves me,
Loves me like a rock

Yeah, the Turtles sang about  
Being happy together
Yeah, a good hearted message
that lasts forever
Yeah, maybe only love can make things better
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Do do wap wap, do do wap wap
Do do wap wap oh yeah

She likes to hypnotize me
Sometimes she makes me crazy
But I love her no matter what

She gets all animated
She’s often celebrated
She does like to make a fuss

And like Elton sang
Yours are the sweetest eyes
I’ve ever seen
And I do love my precious baby girl

Do do wap wap, do do wap wap
Do do wap wap oh yeah